coronavirus update

Important update

Following professional guidance, we will now be able to start seeing those with mild conditions. This will only be where self care advice is not possible.

All practices will move at different speeds due to different patient groups and staffing but all will be prioritising safety. We will be in touch with our patients to rebook cancelled appointments as soon as we can as we are only booking a week ahead in case of staff developing symptoms. If you have a problem before we contact you then please call 01274 532 953 for help.

We have made a number of changes to promote social distancing and enhanced infection control measures to help keep you safe. Appointment times have been staggered so that only one patient can be in the waiting area at one time. We will be wearing appropriate PPE during the appointment and have purchased a perspex screen to sit between patient and podiatrist. Additional cleaning will take place. 

Thank you for your continuing support of our small business at this time.